Cultura Universalis Interactive Game Inspires Students to Embrace Cultural Diversity

Athens, 17/5/2023 Ellinoagliki School recently conducted the Cultura Universalis pilot program aiming at fostering intercultural awareness among its students. The innovative initiative, titled “A Training Programme for Intercultural Competence Enhancement through Art,” introduced an interactive game designed to educate and engage students in learning about different cultures, while promoting better behavior and understanding towards individuals...

Transnational Project Meeting in Barcelona

On May 9th and 10th the Cultura Universalis project team met in Barcelona at the offices of D’EP Institut. The team met to finalize the activities of the project and the project results – a collection of creative culture-based activities workshops and an interactive online game to enhance intercultural competence and prosocialness through art in...

Meeting in Poland

In February the partners of Cultura Universalis – Erasmus+ met in the University of Humanities and Economics in Łódź, to talk over the produced outputs and the next actions of the projects.

The Cultura Universalis digital game

Cultura Universalis – Erasmus+ has started working on the Cultura Universalis digital game. By playing the game children will not only find out more about other cultures but also develop a more positive and accepting behavior & intercultural and prosocial skills towards their peers with diverse characteristics, origin and religious background.

Creative workshops “Week of Culture”

Cultura Universalis – Erasmus+ partnership is finalising a set of creative workshops “Week of Culture” to enhance intercultural competence of school children through arts. “The Day of Literature” – workshops on traditional or contemporary stories, fairy tales, poems, myths and legends from the partner countries “The Day of Painting” – workshops on traditional or contemporary...

The pilot workshop in Poland

On October 17, 2022. children from Primary School No. 54 in Łódź (Poland), from class III, participated in another pilot workshop of the project Cultura Universalis. Enhancing intercultural competence through art. Fri. Traditional costumes day. The classes were conducted by Dorota Depczyńska. During the classes, the children learned folk dances, which allows them to fully...

Meeting in Greece

In July the partners of Cultura Universalis – Erasmus+ met in the premises of ISON Psychometrica in Athens, to talk over the produced outputs and the next actions of the projects.