Cultura Universalis Interactive Game Inspires Students to Embrace Cultural Diversity

Cultura Universalis Interactive Game Inspires Students to Embrace Cultural Diversity

Athens, 17/5/2023

Ellinoagliki School recently conducted the Cultura Universalis pilot program aiming at fostering intercultural awareness among its students. The innovative initiative, titled “A Training Programme for Intercultural Competence Enhancement through Art,” introduced an interactive game designed to educate and engage students in learning about different cultures, while promoting better behavior and understanding towards individuals from diverse backgrounds. 

The pilot program, which saw enthusiastic participation from numerous students, proved to be a resounding success. It not only imparted valuable knowledge about cultural diversity but also provided students with practical skills for effectively navigating an increasingly interconnected world. The interactive game utilized various didactic methods to enhance intercultural competence and encourage students to develop a deep appreciation for different cultures. 

Through the program, students were able to explore and understand diverse traditions, customs, languages, and art forms, ultimately fostering a more inclusive and empathetic environment within the school. 

The Training Programme for Intercultural Competence Enhancement through Art focused on the following key objectives: 

  1. Promoting Cultural Diversity: The program aimed to raise awareness and celebrate the richness of cultural diversity within the school community. By actively engaging with different cultures, students developed a broader worldview and gained a greater understanding of the importance of inclusivity. 
  2. Encouraging Better Behavior: The interactive game sought to cultivate positive attitudes and respectful behavior towards individuals from various cultural backgrounds. By experiencing firsthand the challenges and joys of different cultures, students were encouraged to embrace diversity and reject stereotypes. 
  3. Enhancing Intercultural Competence: The training program equipped students with practical skills and knowledge necessary for effective communication and collaboration in multicultural settings. It fostered open-mindedness, empathy, and the ability to navigate cultural differences with confidence. The students’ active involvement and enthusiasm throughout the piloting of the program underscored its effectiveness in achieving its intended goals. The game-based approach proved particularly successful in engaging students and making the learning experience enjoyable. 

    The program provided a platform for students to learn, appreciate, and connect with diverse cultures in a fun and interactive manner. It has sparked curiosity and encouraged conversations that go beyond classroom walls. 

    The success of the pilot program has paved the way for future implementation of the Training Programme for Intercultural Competence Enhancement through Art at Ellinoagliki School and potentially other educational institutions. Its potential to create a generation of culturally aware and empathetic individuals holds promise for a more inclusive and harmonious society. 

    As Ellinoagliki School sets an inspiring example with its dedication to intercultural awareness, it is hoped that other schools and educational institutions will embrace similar initiatives, fostering a global community that cherishes and celebrates diversity.